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Sardinia offers any type of apartments, villas and hotels. Invest some time finding the perfect one for you or get in touch with a travel agent to help you out. After all, exploring is easy after a good night’s sleep.


Sometimes you want to enjoy the freedom of having your own rhythms. Breakfast at 12:00, lunch on the beach, and dinner out. Or perhaps cooking with friends and then dinner together on the summer terrace overlooking the sea.



Sometimes you just want to feel like you live on the beach. Get up whenever you feel rested, yoga on the lawn, then through a gate on the path to the beach. At dinner, barbecue in the garden with friends or family.


Sometimes you just want to live a pampered life with personnel taking care of cleaning your room and great chefs preparing your meals. So that you can focus on relaxing on the beach, swimming in the pool, detoxifying in the Spa or exploring an enchanting island.


We have extended an invitation to Sardinian travel agencies and tour operators to contact hotels, villa and apartment owners and come up with preferential rates for you, the readers of

You should be able to:

  • enjoy insider knowledge and gain access to even those hotels, B&B, villas and apartments that are hard to locate on the web but are worth considering for their location and comfort
  • have an additional insurance for your holidays, i.e. in case of a last-minute cancellation
  • enjoy the help and support of a local organization during your stay
  • be confident about your booking and never have unpleasant surprises on your arrival
  • get the best value-for-money propositions with prices that only a travel specialist can offer
  • get access to the best tours around Sardinia – tailor-made to your personal requirements

As of the first half of 2020, following accredited agencies have responded.

Get in touch with them and mention the code KES ACCESS to get tailored solutions for your stay in Sardinia at preferential conditions



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