feel the charm of the Sardinian Barceloneta

ALGHERO Are you ready to explore the Sardinian Barceloneta? Explore the ancient Spanish quarter with its charming streets filled with boutiques, restaurants and museums
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There are at least 9 great reasons to visit Alghero. And they extend beyond its spectacular beaches made of fine white sand. In fact, the charm of Alghero resides in a combination of the proximity of its beaches to its ancient town centre of Spanish origin.

So strong are its ties to Cataluna that the town is referred to as Sardinian Barceloneta – like the beach town quarter of Barcelona.



Peter Alfons of Aragon conquered the town in 1354 and in 1355 he moved the Sardinian families who resided in Alghero to the Balearic islands. They were replaced by Spanish families from Cataluna who settled in town, particularly in the old town centre.

The small natural promontory jutting out over the open sea is the heart of town. It is embraced by defensive walls and guarded by towers. Here is where nowadays you’ll find road signs in both Italian and Spanish language – or just Spanish.

In fact, the local variant of the Spanish language is taught in schools and often spoken by the more mature population. Italian, on the other hand, is reserved for tourists and the modern generations.





Alghero is, therefore, an ancient town full of history on the border between a Caribbean-like sea and a fertile land covered with vineyards and olive trees. Fresh produce from the land around town is taken to local restaurants and taverns who serve it with the freshest catch of the day.

And the town also abounds with artisan shops. In small boutiques downtown, you can find many jewellers skillfully working the red coral into unique artworks. In fact, Alghero is the capital town of the Coral Riviera.

Besides hosting the University of Architecture, Alghero also supports cultural activities and a curated group of museums.


All these factors combined have made Alghero one of the top ten Italian most visited towns. Here are some more details