worth spending a full week-end

ULASSAI Have you ever been to Ulassai? Here are 9 great reasons why you should consider exploring
LEQUARCI FALLS Have you ever been to the highest falls in Sardinia? Travel 7 km south of Ulassai to find the purest water splashing down an impressive rock amphitheatre
PERDA E LIANA Have you ever travelled to this solitary Jurassic rock formation? 15 minutes by car from Ulassai starts a path that leads right to it. You can pay homage to this Natural Monument just as Sardinian people used to do thousands of years ago as they journeyed to their sacred mountain
CULURGIONES If you go to Ulassai you'll be able to enjoy the original Culurgiones. Here is a glimpse of how the Spighitta that closes the ricotta is made. Just in case you'd want to try yourself one day.
CLIMBING With over 200 options in Ulassai, you can try climbing even if you are a beginner. And find a good challenge if you are an expert
SU MARMURI GROTTO Have you ever walked 1 km under a huge limestone mountain carved by water over millennia into an art gallery of stone masterpieces? In Ulassai you can
Video: Ulassai by Massimo Zanda | Cascate Ulassai Sardegna by Andrea Marongiu-Air Photography | Sardegna – Il Tacco di Perda e Liana (Gairo) by Giuseppe Chironi Photography | Come chiudere i Culurgiones by Giulia Ab Ovo | Climbing in Ulassai by Ariane Moreau


You can find a minimum of 9 great reasons to visit Ulassai and spend at least a full weekend there.